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Neighborhoods: Kendall Square

2014 Winner: Meadhall

Photo Credit: Holly Rike


Like a beer-soaked beacon, Meadhall lures an enterprising crowd from Kendall Square’s startup scene. Plenty of inspiration is found at the expansive oval bar with more than 100 taps, including familiar favorites and unique microbrews. (Discover even more at an upstairs mezzanine bar.) And Meadhall’s light-filled airiness is a nice break from dim dives. File under: entrepreneurial spirits.


4 Cambridge Center, Cambridge • (617) 714-4372

Other Winners

  • Neighborhoods: Kendall Square

    2015 Winner: State Park

    Decked in retro paneling and studied kitsch, this subterranean dive is one of the few joints in town where boozy cocktail pitchers are available alongside diverse beer and cocktail lists, offering plenty of options to wash down the high-concept takes on lowbrow comfort- and junk foods…...