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2016 Winner: Blue Nile

Jamaica Plain’s small but thriving dining scene supports an impressive diversity of global cuisines, and this cozy, unassuming joint delivers the Ethiopian goods better than any. Outstanding combo dishes include the seven-selection “Vegetarian Revenge,” which lets you graze through lentils, peas and collard greens cooked in vibrant East African spice blends, swiped up with satisfying handfuls of spongy injera flatbread. Bonus: Some of the eats are packaged and sold through local markets too.

Blue Nile

389 Centre St., Boston • (617) 522-6453

Other Winners

  • Ethiopian

    2014 Winner: Lucy Ethiopian Cafe

    Every scroll of Lucy’s injera tells a story. One night, it’s written in fiery berbere sauce; on another, it’s inked in the ruddy stain of red lentils...