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2016 Winner: Stoked Wood Fired Pizza Co.

Photo Credit: Sarah Silbiger


The Stoked folks did the harder thing first, somehow shoehorning a wood-fired pizza oven into a food truck, then opening a brick-and-mortar space. Their new, non-mobile oven turns out a superlative thin-crust pie with a light char and a deep, yeasty flavor developed over a two-day fermentation. Umami-rich toppings like mushrooms, deeply caramelized roasted onions and top-notch salumi are applied with just the right light touch. Add a smart, up-to-the-minute, tightly curated bar program, and you’ve got a destination pizzeria.

Stoked Wood Fired Pizza Co.

1632 Beacon St., Brookline • (617) 879-0707

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