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Trivia Night

2017 Winner: Old School Game Show

Photo Credit: Roger Gordy


If you haven’t yet “come on down!” to check out Old School Game Show, what are you waiting for? A wacky take on TV game shows of yore—if Bob Barker was a Somervillian hipster with friends in bands—the show has enjoyed a semi-monthly residence at Oberon, among other locations, and had its biggest night yet at the Wilbur this February. Part interactive quiz show, part variety show, and all irreverent, wacked-out fun, the Ginny Nightshade-produced spectacular features a rotating crew of local musicians, stand-ups and other performers who take the stage between rounds of thematic and weird-as-hell trivia. Recent editions have included a category called “Baby Mama Drama,” for which audience members guessed famous, often disturbing, movie scenes as drawn by children. The price is wrong in all the right ways.

Old School Game Show