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2017 Winner: "Little House on Green Street"

Photo Credit: Holly Rike


When City Realty Group purchased a dilapidated, uninhabited house at 197 Green St. in Jamaica Plain with as-yet-undetermined plans for its use, the ramshackle structure very well could have sat indefinitely in a devolving state of disrepair. Instead, City Realty reached out to artist collective Avenue of Arts and offered them the house as a temporary, no-strings-attached canvas for part of the realty group’s City Pop initiative. “We thought it was a great opportunity to revitalize what had been a rundown, underutilized property,” says City Realty’s Clifford Kensington. After three weeks in the hands of the collective’s street artists, the house is now awash with vibrantly colored graffiti and pop art—an eyesore turned eye candy. And it will remain as such for at least another year, according to Kensington. Stop on by.

"Little House on Green Street"

197 Green St, Jamaica Plain, MA

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