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Power Lunch

2017 Winner: Davio’s

Photo Credit: Briana Moore


Over three decades, restaurateur Steve DiFillippo has built a strong brand for his small chain of high-end Italian steakhouses—and for himself: DiFillippo enjoys a reputation as a local mogul and frequently chairs philanthropic events attracting business leaders and Boston athletes alike. Unsurprisingly, Davio’s still fills its spiffy dining room with movers and shakers making handshake deals over a three-course “power lunch” menu that, at $25 per person, comfortably fits any expense account.


75 Arlington St., Boston • (617) 357-4810


55 Boylston St., Chestnut Hill • (617) 738-4810


236 Patriot Place, Foxborough • (617) 738-4810


1250 Market St., Lynnfield • (617) 738-4810

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