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2018 Winner: Area Four

Photo Credit: Holly Rike


Beer buyer Rairon Krauzer taps into his wealth of hops knowledge when selecting suds to pair with the restaurants’ crispy pies. He prioritizes new, limited-availability local brews like Cold Harbor Brewing’s Damsel, part of the burgeoning “juice bomb” movement of citrus-forward IPAs, and weekly specialty sours from Trillium, always on beer geeks’ most-coveted lists. Krauzer continually tracks down underexposed, draft-ready discoveries, and educated servers ensure only the most killer pizza-beer combos.   

Area Four - Troy South End

264 East Berkeley St., Boston • (857) 317-4805

Area Four - A4cade

292 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge • (617) 714-3960

Area Four - A4 Cafe/Kendall Square

500 Technology Sq., Cambridge • (617) 758-4444