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2018 Winner: Lash L'Amour

Photo Credit: Sean Gold Photography


If you’re looking for an upgrade on your lashes, there’s no need to bat an eye—simply head to one of these beauty boutiques from Cynthia Tsang. Options include the classic treatment’s 100 to 120 extensions, featuring various levels of length, width and curl, as well as a volume enhancer that uses six times the traditional ultra-fine lashes applied to each eye for a dramatically glam look. We have our sights on the new Wellesley location, as well as an upcoming South Boston training center.

Lash L'Amour - Back Bay

129 Newbury St. #201, Boston • (617) 247-1871

Lash L'Amour - Newton Center

55 Langley Rd., Newton • (617) 916-1209

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