Allie X

Born Alexandra Ashley Hughes, the Canadian singer/songwriter better known as Allie X prefers to ignore expectations of a feminine sound and aesthetic that come with pop territory. Her drag-inspired look—from dazzling costumes to bleached brows—that she’s sported since her 2015 debut EP, CollXtion I, reflects a sort of artistic androgyny, while the X in her stage name symbolizes the unknown. Crafting electro-pop jams that pair high concepts with danceable hooks, she dropped her latest EP, Super Sunset, in October, and it sees the artist transformed into three alter egos. She critiques the desperation in the entertainment industry as the Hollywood Starlet, embodies the purity of art as the Nun and explores a retro-future pop-synth sound as Sci-Fi Girl. X marks the spot when Allie X hits the Sinclair on April 22. / Celia Carbone

The Sinclair Ionnalee, Allie X, 8:30 pm, $28, 18+.

Photo: Vijat Mohindra

The Sinclair

52 Church Street Cambridge, MA 02138 United States (617) 547-5200