Buckethead at the Wilbur

Identifiable by a white mask and empty bucket on his head, Buckethead’s musical influence is more than simply a drop in the…bucket. After more than 20 years in the industry, the rock artist has pecked his way into quite a few headlines, from shredding chords for Guns N’ Roses to releasing more than 300 studio recordings. The California musician, born as Brian Carroll, reportedly first used the getup to overcome stage anxiety, originally hatching the fictional persona of a man who was raised by chickens—hence what started out as a KFC bucket on his head as an homage to his feathered friends who ended up in the deep fryer. / Hannah McKennett

  • $27-$35

Wilbur Theatre

246 Tremont St. Boston, MA 02116 United States (617) 248-9700