19 THRU May 12

Graciela Iturbide’s Mexico

Focus your gaze on the Museum of Fine Arts’ latest exhibit, Graciela Iturbide’s Mexico, showcasing Iturbide’s 50 years of mastery behind the camera. Separated into nine thematic groupings, the collection of 125 photographs explores the artist’s deep ties to her native country as she captures moments of everyday life, rituals and faith. The collection also provides commentary on the duality of Mexico’s rich culture and social paradoxes through subjects like indigenous rituals, traditions of the Seri people and women’s roles in Zapotec society, as shown in Mujer Ángel (seen above), a silver gelatin print depicting a woman traversing the Sonoran Desert in 1979. Travel through time at the Museum of Fine Arts from Jan. 19 to May 12. / Anapurl Feldman 

Museum of Fine Arts

465 Huntington Ave. Boston, MA 02115 United States