Star of Bravo reality series Million Dollar Listing New York Ryan Serhant, 31, was raised in Topsfield and attended the Pingree School before studying theater and English literature at Hamilton College. After graduating, he moved to New York to pursue a career in acting, and he landed the role of Evan Walsh on As the World Turns in 2007. He then got into the real estate business and now works for Nest Seekers International; his team came in at No. 1 in New York on REAL Trends’ 2015 national sales rankings. He recently played a hedge-fund manager in Noah Baumbach’s film While We’re Young, and he’s appeared in real estate segments on CNN, CNBC, Fox, NBC, ABC and CBS. He lives with his fiancee in Manhattan.


Every single day. That’s why I’m sure to end every conversation by saying “Seacrest out.”

Yes, absolutely. There’s no question.

Have it be beautiful. You’d be amazed by how many people try to sell a property when it looks gross.

White paint. I can’t say it enough.

Not using Ryan Serhant as their broker.

Not using Ryan Serhant as their broker.

It was filmed, actually, on our first season. It was to find the client an apartment for his wallaby. It is illegal to keep a wallaby as a pet in the city of New York.

Getting on an airplane to London to see a client and get them to sign something when they were on the fence.

No. Every deal I do is the greatest deal in the history of the world. You have to look at it that way.

[Laughs.] I took my clothes off at an open house once to steal the thunder away from another broker.

$37 million. But I have a listing now for close to $49 million, so if that sells, I’ll be setting a new record for myself.

No. Parts of New York are overpriced, but on a worldwide level, New York is actually inexpensive.

No. It’s like that classic episode of Friends where she meets a gynecologist, and he says, “You know, if you serve coffee for a living, the last thing you wanna do when you get home is look at another cup of coffee.”

Architectural Digest.

I don’t really have time to watch TV, so I really do only watch Million Dollar Listing.

Yes. Very much so. The job of putting a deal together for an apartment is very similar to putting a movie together. You’re creating a project, lining up investors, bringing something to the market that you hope everybody’s going to want. And if it bombs, everyone is pissed off at the same time.

No amount of money. Well, maybe one trillion dollars. [Laughs.]

A penthouse apartment at the top of a skyscraper with 360-degree views of the city.

Remove any and all clutter.

Yes. Probably by 800 percent.

The East Village.

Yes. Everybody at some point or some time is dealing with real estate, whether they’re buying, selling, renting, whatever, and that interplay is sexy. Everyone wants to know where everyone else lives.

Not as important as knowledge. There are some very, very unattractive brokers who are very smart and knowledgeable about the market, and they do just fine.

Yes. I did a guest spot on that show The Mysteries of Laura with Debra Messing. Then there are two other movies that I’m not allowed to discuss quite yet.

Yes. Without a doubt.

Being paid to be overly dramatic.

So much memorizing.

Right now? 220 Central Park South.

I would say somewhere in the Back Bay area—the neighborhood is stunning, especially when the seasons are changing. The Back Bay is elegant, in a wonderful location, and it reminds me of New York’s Upper East Side.

A DJ room. Kids are getting into being DJs now the way we played video games as kids.

Taylor Swift and how could you even ask me why?! It’s T. Swift!

The tears.

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