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9tailors on how men can dress well in spite of the heat


New England might be lovely in the fall, but the weather can turn wickedly hot come summertime. Case in point: this month’s heat wave that dealt countless days of 90-plus degree temperatures. For men trying to look their best, the sun and humidity can make that attempt feel unbearable while giving off the impression you just ran a marathon on the way to work.

While light colors and fabrics offer the best reprieve in beating the heat, a man might be looking for a more nuanced approach. The team at 9tailors, recipient of this year’s Boston’s Best award for Men’s Suits, stresses sticking to shirts and suits that fit, both on the body and within your personal style, in order to feel the most comfortable. “We don’t want a suit to be cut too slim fit or constricting,” senior style consultant Eboni Bell explains. “We really want people to be true to who they are and we don’t want to steer them in a direction that’s not them or uncomfortable.”

That being said, men shouldn’t completely refrain from taking chances with their outfits, though probably only on days when the mercury is at a reasonable level. One low-risk customization 9tailors offers for a number of its suits: the jacket lining. “Even though it’s one part of the suit that no one really sees—because when you have the jacket on it’s hidden—changing the inside of the lining is something that each guy can have a bit of an added touch and a little bit more fun,” Bell points out. Some popular choices for custom options amongst 9tailors clients include the lavender-royal blue paisley combination and an almost-iridescent green.

Whether the heat index is soaring or there’s snow in the forecast, dressing confidently is a must for any man. Feeling comfortable in your outfit and showcasing your personal style—the main components of confident dressing—can make the walk to work a little bit sweeter, if not less sweatier. / Andrew Elmers

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