BKBX, a new fitness center from the founders of Brooklyn Boulders, isn’t simply meant to be a gym where you bust out a few bicep curls and head home. “We train people for adventure, but we also make fitness adventurous,” says Mike Hansen, BKBX project lead.

When the nearly 9,000-square-foot space opens in Allston this winter, fitness buffs and novices can enroll in monthly memberships for unlimited 50-minute group classes or opt for packages or single drop-in sessions to try their hand at a 90-foot bouldering wall. At an “adventure bar,” you can consult with coaches, review video footage of your indoor climbs and book excursions to explore nature. Step into the slick adventure studio—with a glowing ceiling rig that looks like the hull of a starship—and you’ll find intense group workouts focused on strength, athleticism and decision-making. Capped at 24 individuals, classes might mix line sprints on the indoor turf with 500-meter rows and cable chest presses to torch the whole body. The sessions also keep your brain in the game with programmable lights that signal moving on to a new activity, like tossing a ball.

Progress and goals are based on the Adventure Quotient, a metric that tracks heart rate and force output in each class. Real-time biometric data will light up tiles on the studio wall, letting you know when to rev up or slow down. Attendees push toward both a cumulative class goal and individual goals based on their own fitness levels. “You pull everybody with you,” says Paul Juris, director of fitness programming and education. “Our philosophy and culture is all about community.”

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BKBX 211 Western Ave, Allston, bkbx.fit

BKBX opens March 1, 2019

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