Walk around The Boulevard—a new condo tower along the Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway—and you might think you’re looking at a few different buildings. That’s because the curious 12-story tower looks different from every angle.

From one side, the place appears as a traditional brick building that’s fused to the former Littlest Bar, a famed Federal-style landmark. From another side, it’s a leaning glassy tower. And from yet another, a pattern of panes bound by a metal grid that at sunset shimmers like rose gold.

COPPERTONE: The copper-colored aluminum panels complement the historic architecture of the neighborhood—and nod to its modern high-rises.

BAR NONE: The lobby and some rooms now occupy what was formerly the Littlest Bar, inside the historic building by famed 19th-century architect Charles Bulfinch.

ROOMS WITH VIEWS: Most of the oversized windows in The Boulevard offer striking city views of old brick and stone buildings, and some have virtual walls of glass that overlook the Greenway and Boston Harbor.

“We have all this brick around here,” says architect Ellen Anselone. “But we didn’t want to do brick.”

Instead, Anselone and her team at Finegold Alexander Architects used a collage of prefabricated panels that wraps around a polygonal frame of posttension concrete. The result is a building that feels contemporary yet textured, tactful yet sparkling. For those with the means to live inside, The Boulevard is all luxury. The bright white condos come with spectacular views, open layouts and some hefty price tags.

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