Q&A: Being Saer Sene

Saer Sene, 27, is a third-year player for the New England Revolution, who has seen his first two seasons with the Revs conclude with season-ending injuries. Sene made his mark in 2012 with 11 goals in his first season. He added 5 goals last year in the Revs’ run to the playoffs. New England started this year 0-2, and will open its home season on Saturday against Vancouver at Gillette Stadium.

Matt Martinelli: Last season, you guys made an unexpected run to the playoffs, but you got hurt late in the season.
Saer Sene: That was a big setback from to get that big an injury, but it was good to watch my teammates win. It made it easier. I think they did great. And it was a great atmosphere to win the two games and get in the playoffs. Now, I think we need to take that and move forward this year.

Do you have a specific pregame routine?
No. It’s almost the same when we play at home. I hang out with my friends or my family at the house. Just hanging out and getting some rest. I don’t put much pressure on myself before the game. The day of the game, before I get on the field, I’m really focused on the game. But outside of it, I dont’ have any big preparation.

Is your family in the States?
No, they come here a lot to visit me. My best friend and my mom. My wife lives here. I hate to be alone. I like to be around my family and my good friends.

Did you meet your wife here?
Yeah, I met her here. I knew here before, but I met her here. We’ve been together two-and-a-half years now.

How often do you get back to France?
I try to get back as much as I can, but it’s not that much. We don’t have too many days off. The flight is six-and-a-half hours. But sometimes, when I feel like I have the time to go, I go. If not, I stay here.

Do you ever go during the season?
Yeah, I can. Sometimes if I have three days off, I just go and I ask coach if I can have a fourth day. So, I go and I can spend two days there and then fly back.

You guys have a very short offseason in the MLS, compared to other professional sports?
Yes. The offseason is really short. I’m not used to that really big offseason, it’s also too much. When I used to play in Europe it was four weeks, so this is different.

With the World Cup this year, do you expect there to be extra interest?
Yeah, I think everybody’s interested in the World Cup this year. If you’re involved in soccer, everybody is interested in it, and everyone is going to watch it. It’s a dream for every soccer player to play in the World Cup. Even if you play in the MLS, you’re going to be watching.

What’s your favorite road trip in the MLS?
Hmm, I dunno. I like to go play New York, and Chicago. It’s a long list.

How did you originally take up soccer?
My father was a professional soccer player. My mother says when I started walking, I was always interested in the ball, and always wanted to play with the ball. When I was like 7 years old, I started to play on a team. And I just kept going.

What do you offdays usually consist of when you stick around the area?
Well, I usually like to stay home. When I’m with my wife, we sometimes go out to eat in Boston. Before we didn’t do much because she was living far away from me. But this year, we’ll probably do more and travel around on my days off.

Where do you like to go out in Boston?
We like to go to the Red Sox. And we like to go out to eat a lot. My favorite place to eat in Boston is probably Fogo De Chao. I like to go over there, and sometimes we have a few drinks. I like to go to the Seaport, too.

Do you have a goal in mind for this year’s team?
Well, I think you saw we had a good mentality last year, and everyone was surprised. We walk together, stick together. And this year, we didn’t start the first tow games of the year that well, but the mentality is good. And if we go into the game with the right mentality, we will be good. I think as soon as we can win our first game, we’re going to get going.

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