With its prime Newbury Street spot, Sonsie has been a go-to for special occasions for nearly 25 years. But there’s something even more special tucked in the romantically lit back corner of the dining room: A cozy banquette where more than 100 proposals have taken place in just the past decade. Table 50—also known as the “proposal table”—is where they all put a ring on it. And with a little heads-up, the staff gets in on the fun, too. “You’re really curating this experience with them and you get to know them on a much more personal level than you do with the average guest,” director of operations Matt Soutra says. “To see the joy, the adulation and know moving forward that this is a couple who is always going to remember this moment for the rest of their lives, being a part of that whole experience is really exciting.” Soutra shared some of the more memorable engagements from Sonsie’s past. 

ON THE BLING: Sonsie’s Table 50 has attracted more than 100 engagements.

Seal the Deal

After having their first date at Sonsie, one couple helped solidify Table 50’s status when they got engaged in the same exact spot two years later. “It was really from then on that we thought, ‘OK, this is really something special,’” Soutra says. “For a lot of people, this restaurant sort of transcends food and beverage and becomes an integral part of their relationship. That moment was really when it became the ‘engagement table.’”

Love Potion

After meeting at the Sonsie bar years before, one guy kept the party going when he coordinated with the restaurant to use each of their favorite spirits in cocktails
created for a post-proposal celebration. “A list was changed to name the drinks after each of them,” Soutra says. “They have since become longtime regulars and friends. We framed the signature cocktail list and gave it to them as a souvenir with the date inscribed.”

Family Affair

After a romantic dinner at Table 50, a groom-to-be had an extra surprise waiting for his partner in the downstairs wine room, where both of their families were hiding. “They had set up a circle of candles and rose petals by the door, and when the couple walked in, the groom got down on one knee and proposed in front of everyone,” Soutra says. “She said yes, and they had a great party with family and friends.

Puppy Love

One canine-loving couple that met at Sonsie and got engaged at Table 50 decided to commemorate the occasion by naming their new puppy after the restaurant. “We were unaware until they came back a few months later and introduced us to their puppy,” Soutra says. “They sat in the front of the cafe with the dog on the sidewalk. They enjoyed a delicious meal, and the puppy chewed away on a bowl of carrots.”

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