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Booty by Brabants pop-up is set to open in the Seaport


With her Booty by Brabants pop-up set to kick off once more at the Seaport’s The Current, owner Kelly Brabants is hoping to keep a leg up on other fitness retailers. After a stint last year, the new space selling her line of workout apparel—primarily leggings—will be twice the size of the original and will also reflect the lessons she learned during her first go-around.

“We are bringing in a lot of new products and at a higher quantity to ensure the store is kept full of inventory at all times,” Brabants says. “We didn’t expect such high demand the first time around.”

Among those new products will be a leggings collection that includes pockets—a response to a request Brabants gets a lot—as well as limited-edition bathing suits and an expanded Croco Skin line that includes four new colors and new bike shorts. Brabants, who lives in the Seaport, will also be teaching all summer as part of the Seaport Sweat fitness series, which starts in June. With her Legacy Place location running through May 12, and rumors of further pop-ups, Brabants says, “I’m definitely taking it to the next level. Expect my Brazilian side to come out a lot this summer.” 

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