So Fresh, So Clean

A new deodorant sticks at a beauty boutique


If you aren’t up in arms about toxic ingredients in deodorants, you should be. “There’s actually no such thing as a safe antiperspirant,” says Follain founder Tara Foley. “Any product that prevents underarm sweat does so by blocking pores with harmful ingredients, like aluminum, that trap bodily and product-based toxins in your lymph nodes.” (And for those who claim they sweat too much to go au naturel, take note: “Aluminum can trigger even more sweat because our bodies go into overdrive trying to push out toxins through blocked-up sweat glands.”) Foley has tested dozens of products from brands like Ursa Major, Vapour and Meow Meow Tweet to stock the shelves at her clean beauty boutiques in Beacon Hill and the South End, but Follain’s recently debuted Under Cover deodorant is five years in the making. The team tried more than 100 variations before landing on a mixture of organic coconut oil, cornstarch, beeswax and charcoal to fight odor-causing bacteria and absorb wetness—and it’s baking soda-free for sensitive skin types. Most importantly, it passes the smell test. “Deodorant is not necessarily a sexy product,” Foley says, “but I find the light tea tree and bergamot scent to be on par with a luxury fragrance.”

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