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There are treats for both music lovers and sneakerheads at Converse’s new Lovejoy Wharf headquarters, home of Boston’s first Rubber Tracks recording studio, which will double as a live music venue when it opens later this summer. But the flagship Converse store is already open, offering two ways to get a new kick out of the iconic Chuck Taylors. There’s a customization room where you can design a shoe from scratch, down to the sole and fabric, plus a Blank Canvas InkBar, where a resident “maestro” can help you design graphics to be printed on new Chucks. We paired a Converse maestro with an artist and a musician to see if they could step up with unique designs.

Tyson Andree, Artist

Catch him at…

Adelson Galleries, which reps the former graffiti artist, who recently installed his mural The Whale on Traveler Street across from the new Ink Block apartments. You may also spy his old Caype and Haste tags on rooftops and near train tracks in town.

The Process

Andree altered a photo of a graffiti-covered 1977 New York subway train, playing with the contrast and adding his Haste tag and other drawings. “I always liked the look of those white trains. I made this for myself a while ago, and like 99.9 percent of my art, I had no use for it till now.”

Maestro says…

“Tyson tapped into his roots in graffiti to create a Chuck Taylor that truly reflects his artistic passions.”


Salim Akram, Bad Rabbits Guitarist

Catch him at…

The Lawn on D, where Akram spins under his DJ ABD moniker on June 20, and the Middle East Downstairs, where Bad Rabbits perform on June 27.  Stay tuned for a few new singles from the local funk-rock favorites later this summer.

The Process

Akram added the Bad Rabbits logo to a pattern that has a lot of meaning for the band. “It’s our interpretation of a Coogi pattern. It’s in line with our summer merchandise theme, which has a lot of patterns that are inspired by the iconic Coogi brand that the Notorious B.I.G. sang about.”

Maestro says…

“Salim unleashed the creative spirit of the Bad Rabbits—this is their sound personified in a Chuck.”

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