Check This Out: The Truth Booth on the Greenway


San Francisco-based artist group Cause Collective has been on a five-year truth-seeking journey, toting a giant inflatable Truth Booth confessional to locations from Afghanistan to Burning Man and, now, Boston. Artists Ryan Alexiev, Jim Ricks, Will Sylvester and Hank Willis Thomas—who is dropping by the SMFA for a lecture on April 12—prompt the public to complete the phrase “The truth is…” and give visitors two minutes inside the booth to add their two cents. Disclosures range from personal admissions to philosophical musings, and the growing archive of video footage is added to an ongoing project. If you miss its visit to the Verb Hotel on April
11-12, catch the installation at its next stop, the north end of the Rose Kennedy Greenway, where truths will be told April 13-15.

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