Comic Brawn

Comedian and 30 Rock alum Tracy Morgan brings the funny to the Wilbur Theatre on March 1.

When did you realize you were funny in life?

I realized it very early. Maybe four. Very early. Just growing up in a big family and making everybody laugh. So I always had a built-in audience.

Where do you get ideas for your stand-up material?

I live my life, my experiences. I don’t have to look for content. Everything is in me.

Do you write things down or do you practice?

No I don’t…I don’t do none of that stuff. That’s for amateurs. I’m Tracy Morgan. I’ve been who I am for 45 years; I don’t have to practice that.

What’s it like doing character voices for animated films?

It is kind of difficult because when you do those movies, you have to be very specific because they have to match your voice with whatever character and you’re not in the studio with anyone.

What is the most enjoyable part about being a stand-up comedian?

Laughter. Laughter.

And what’s the hardest part?

None of it to me. I just feel like I was born to do this. So I don’t see it hard at all. But now things are different. You know, there’s a lot of PC now, and I think that PC is starting to turn us into censorship. So that’s difficult being that I make my living talking and telling the truth and expressing what I see and how I feel. Now it’s like you can’t do that anymore, so that’s pretty difficult. So I wonder, I’ve asked myself, “Would Richard Pryor be able to exist? Would…George Carlin? Would those greats be able to exist in a world like this?” And I don’t think so. I mean, I love the world I’m living in because I’ve been afforded so many great things. But I just don’t appreciate PC. And I don’t think any comedian or artist does.

We’re looking forward to your show coming here.

Thank you! I would just want to ask the audience, put your camera phones away and recorders away and let’s just enjoy the show.

I’ll pass along the message. Thanks, Tracy.

Thank you, baby.

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