The most famous love story of all time—and the most moving tale of an ill-fated romance ever told—Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet comes to the Huntington Theatre Company as a thrillingly modern event helmed by artistic director Peter DuBois. This astoundingly current, gorgeously realized production nods to the political fractures of our current era, the cultural differences that pull us apart and the enduring power of passion.

In one of Shakespeare’s most famous plays, young lovers are caught between the violence and intolerance of their feuding families. The innocent pair’s affection for one another are only matched in passion and decadence by the unbridled rivalry between their kin. Shifting blame between fate and collective responsibility, Romeo and Juliet illuminates the consequences of reckless love and hate in a contemporary production that pairs Shakespearean verse with modern design, fashion and music. Featuring newcomers George Hampe and Lily Santiago as Romeo and Juliet, the cast also includes familiar Boston natives and Huntington alumni, including six Elliot Norton award winners. DuBois’ pop-centric vision is brought to life by a team of Broadway scenic, costume and sound designers.

DuBois brings an exhilarating and modern sensibility about the intensity of first love and attraction amid a dangerously divided community. “Looking at the world around us, we see people living with ferocious loyalty to their causes, unyielding in their principles,” says DuBois. “That is the connection that inspired me to revisit this work. Instead of theoretical foes, audiences may recognize members of both houses Montague and Capulet. They are our idols, our neighbors, civil servants and the media. Shakespeare explores the peril of a society possessed by blind tribalism set against a love story that has a boundless sense of joy and abandon.” If you think you know Romeo and Juliet, you’ve never seen anything like this. ◆

Romeo and Juliet runs March 1-31 at the Avenue of the Arts/Huntington Avenue Theatre, 264 Huntington Ave., Boston. Tickets are on sale now and can be purchased HERE or by calling ticketing services at 617 266 0800.

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