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Muralist and decorative artist Mark Grundig has been painting the town—and diners have likely seen the Quincy artist’s work without even knowing it. “I love working with chefs who care because they do the same thing that I do—their passion is food, like mine is paint,” explains Grundig, a largely self-taught artist who’s collaborated with toques like Ken Oringer, who had him working on the walls at UNI and Little Donkey. “They want their spaces to reflect and enhance their vision, so I like when they get excited about what I can do for them,” Grundig adds, noting he doesn’t mind when they chime in with suggestions, “because ultimately they should love the place they are in for the majority of their day.” Here’s a glimpse of some of his other canvases.


Grundig paired up with Erica Diskin of Assembly Design Studio for Buttermilk & Bourbon’s black light-lit Voodoo Lounge. “This place had all existing clean painted bricks, so I made them look old, distressed and weathered,” says Grundig, who also painted reproductions of a vintage zombie movie poster and an absinthe advertisement.


Working with Niemitz Design Group’s Tyler Youngblood, Grundig outfitted George Howell Coffee at the Godfrey Hotel with a faux concrete look. “It’s kind of in right now,” he explains. “Adding the holes and paint drips was pretty fun; it adds the layers of life and wear and tear.”


On the tiled walls of The Smoke Shop, Grundig, with a hand from Sousa Design, used durable oil paints to depict various cuts of meat. A few months later, he got a call to replace a nonexistent “hind shank.” “I don’t have a working knowledge of cow parts,” he admits. “With a lot of scrubbing and a few solvents, we reworked some of the wording.”

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