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Travel expert and professional foodie Adam Richman gets to globe-trot all over, tasting the world’s delicacies. Spreading the love, the Travel Channel star recently helped some Boston locals do the same, teaming up with Capital One for its Priceless Surprises campaign. First they dropped massive doorways corresponding to four fab destinations in spots around town, bringing Roman columns to Copley Square and a Parisian café-style doorway to the waterfront. Each gateway was accompanied by authentic eats, piped-in ambient sounds and other experiential elements to conjure the feel of the faraway locale, along with themed giveaways for passersby. On top of it all, Capital One Mastercard debit card holders in Massachusetts were automatically entered for an opportunity to unlock a priceless getaway: a weeklong trip to Hong Kong, Rome, Paris or London. This December, Capital One surprised and delighted card holders with a personal visit from Adam Richman himself to deliver the good news and provide them with their own curated travel guide for their destinations.

Through Priceless Surprises, Capital One is not only Redesigning Banking, they’re redesigning adventure with a focus on celebrating community and giving back to its customers. Watch Adam surprise the four lucky Bostonians in the video below — and check out his travel tips for your next getaway.

Adam Richman’s Travel Tips

-Avoid tourist traps by asking locals for food recommendations instead of hotel concierges or people in the hospitality industry.

-Just because tourists may frequent certain locations, it doesn’t mean they’re bad or that you should avoid them. Case in point: The Colosseum in Rome is definitely worth a visit.

-To avoid carrying loads of cash, make sure you have a credit or debit card that’s kind to travelers—like the Capital One 360 debit card, which has no foreign transaction fees. Call your bank ahead of time to let them know you are traveling, and you’ll be all set!

-Make sure you ask your hotel for a card with the hotel address written on it in the local language to avoid any confusion on cab rides.

  • -Be sure to learn key phrases in the local language, such as “hello,” “goodbye” and “thank you.”

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