See This: Twenty One Pilots at the Agganis

Flight skool


If Twenty One Pilots’ unlikely smash hit “Stressed Out” hasn’t yet ear-wormed its way into your subconscious, there’s just one question for you: What rock have you been hanging out under? The Ohio duo might have penned the anthem for a generation with their Top 40-dominating jam that explores millennial angst—student loans, the pressure to get a “good job” and “grow up”—with emo-leaning vocals set to infectious hip-hop beats. That sound defines the hard-to-pin-down pair, whose music samples odd pairings of genres without missing a beat. Must be why the Pilots have effectively bypassed the midlevel club circuit to sell out arenas in short order. Catch a ride when they land at Agganis Arena for back-to-back shows on June 14 and 15.

Twenty One Pilots, 7:30 pm, Agganis Arena925 Comm. Ave., Boston. $32.50-$42.50 (617-358-7000)

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