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You won’t have to worry about minding your manners when making the acquaintance of the Queen upon her arrival in Boston this summer. In fact, you can walk right up and take a selfie with her. The royal matriarch is one of many celebrities, world leaders, athletes and other notables who will be on view at Dreamland Wax Museum, opening on the edge of City Hall Plaza in late July. The museum is the first U.S. location for Dreams Entertainment Group, which operates more than 30 museums around the world and chose Boston as the site for its North American flagship because of the local emphasis on education and history—two things we’ve got in spades. The museum will display a variety of historical figures, including every U.S. president and world leaders like Nelson Mandela, as well as religious icons like Pope Francis and Mother Teresa in a designated Vatican room. There will also be a sports hall dedicated largely to Boston teams (with figures like Celtics legend Paul Pierce), a nook where you can have tea with Audrey Hepburn and a studio where you can be a “guest” on Oprah’s show. And visitors are welcome to get cozy with everyone. “Unlike other wax museums, where you can’t really touch the figures, here we’re going to let you,” says vice president of sales Michael Pelletz. “You can take selfies, put your arm around them. We want them to be fun and interactive.” There will be plenty of Instagram ops with local celebs’ figures too: Pelletz says they’ll be hosting model sittings with yet-to-be-announced boldfaced Boston names (though you can likely guess a few), and the plan is to unveil three new local figures a year, complete with opening parties in the museum. As for posing with the stand-in for our current prez? “Whatever you want to do,” Pelletz laughs. “We’ll leave it at that.”

Dreamland Wax Museum

1 Washington Street, Boston, MA

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