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Environmentally sustainable and customizable, 3-D-printed jewelry is gaining ground with designers and fashion fans.


1. Somerville artist Gideon Weisz made these bracelets from 3-D-printed nylon. Colorcube Chains bracelets, $60-$120 each at Gideon Weisz

2. Paulina Perepelkin’s jewelry line ZveSao is hot off the printer, having launched with a runway show at Storyville in late July. Yen Nguyen Sisterhood necklace, price upon request at ZveSao

3. This necklace from Somerville duo Jesse Louis-Rosenberg and Jessica Rosenkrantz features 175 unique pieces. Tetra Kinematics 175n necklace, $290 at Nervous System

4. Designed by MIT students, this ring acts as a wearable Charlie Card. Sesame ring, $25 at Xylem

5. These earrings represent an arithmetic sequence in three dimensions. Repeat Offender Arithmetic earrings, $24 at Xylem

6. Celosia cuff, $60 at Nervous System

7. JP designer Bob Field offers his ear candy in 11 colors. Spawnium earrings, $35 at Atomic Earrings

8. Rhizome cuff, $85 at Nervous System


Where to Buy It?
Atomic Earrings atomicearrings.com

Gideon Weisz gideonweisz.com

Nervous System nervo.us

Xylem 287 Third St., Cambridge (617-494-9953) shopxylem.com

ZveSao zvesao.com

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