This new sports bra will change the way you feel about working out

Reebok's PureMove bra reacts to movement with a new high-tech material


Reebok is giving you one less excuse to skip the gym. The Boston-based behemoth made a giant leap forward for active women everywhere with the new PureMove sports bra, available in stores today. The bra uses a new proprietary Motion Sense Technology that stiffens with high impact movement (we’re looking at you, jump squats) and relaxes in low intensity activities (like yoga or that namaste in bed vibe). The result is a bra made with reactive fabric technology that moves with you and a barely-there feeling from your next burpee to your next Netflix binge.  

Reebok’s PureMove Bra is available in 10 sizes from XS to XXL both online and in key retailers worldwide on Aug. 30. 

PureMove Bra creator and Reebok’s senior designer for apparel innovation, Danielle Witek, says she wanted a better solution to the sports bra, which was becoming stiffer with more layers of fabric and glue. “Every time I opened up a woman’s magazine there was a whole new rigmarole on how to find the right sports bra,” she says. “I thought there has to be a better way.” That path led her to the University of Delaware, where two chemical engineers created Sheer Thickening Fluid (STF), a gel-like solution that solidifies with force or agitation. “They were applying it to kevlar vests and spacesuits for astronauts. It was used for impact resistance,” Witek says. “So I thought maybe we could apply this to a soft nylon polyester fabric and do the same thing where we’re controlling how this material stretches and recovers.” The PureMove Bra is now the first product to hit the consumer clothing market using STF.

In the three-year development process, Reebok used 54 unique motion sensors to measure bounce and support in the chest area, a significantly higher number than the two- to four-sensor industry standard for breast biomechanic testing. “I thought it would be amazing if we could create something for people that don’t want to feel the pain and irritation and discomfort from your sports bra,” Witek says. The years of research and testing behind the bra also inform its minimalist design using just seven unique pieces of fabric, perforations in the front and back for breathability and a molded front panel for natural shaping. But the most noticeable feature of the bra comes out in use, mid-workout when you might not even notice it at all.


PureMove Bra, $60 at Reebok, 10 sizes available from XS to XXL, online and at key retailers worldwide on Aug. 30. 

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