Refined Rocks

With silver, gold and even neon accents, these jagged stones make for a surprisingly polished statement.


1. Regina Dabdab pyrite bracelet, $190 at December Thieves; 2. Tina Lilienthal tropical cloud necklace, $180 at December Thieves; 3. The Halina necklace, $195 at Flock; 4. Regina Dabdab quartz bracelet, $200 at December Thieves; 5. Alexis Bittar caged post earrings with rough crystal, $245 at M. Flynn; 6. Alexis Bittar caged bib necklace with rough crystal, $245 at M. Flynn; 7. Satomi hammered link earrings, $110 at December Thieves; 8. Tribe Jewelry talon ring, $163 at Flock; 9. Gaia crystal necklace, $98 at Flock

Where to Buy It?

December Thieves 88 Charles St., Boston (617-982-6802)

Flock 274 Shawmut Ave., Boston (617-391-0222)

M. Flynn 40 Waltham St., Boston (617-292-0079)


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