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Photo Credit: Dan Watkins

Name: Beantown Car

Price: $13

Ingredients: Hennessey VSOP, Licor 43, lemon and lime juice, egg white. And a brown sugar rim.

Inspiration: It’s a riff on the sidecar that borrows texture notes from the pisco sour. Says bartender Nancy Fedoce, “Cognacs and brandies are finding their way back into the mainstream. For fall trends, they work perfectly.”

Flavor: The initial taste is surprisingly creamy and sweet, with sour notes lightening the Cognac to such a degree that it survives mostly in caramel tones. Vanilla from the Licor 43 further dampens any residual
burn, and egg white steers the drink into the shadow of the dessert list. It’s like sipping candied velvet.

Use it to: Melt away the autumnal chill; as a seasonal alternative to the Ramos gin fizz.

Pair it with: Vanilla-bean panna cotta.

Why Licor 43?: “The classics always seem to do well,” says Fedoce. “Creating a cocktail utilizing older, sometimes lost or left-behind ingredients such as Licor 43 and making them new again is the perfect way to bring them back.”

Beantown Car
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