Seth Greenberg stands in the middle of his soon-to-open Bastille Kitchen in Fort Point with saws buzzing and hammers pounding all around him. It’s the sound of progress that’s echoed recently throughout the neighborhood, and the renowned nightclub magnate/restaurateur/hotelier is far from surprised. Greenberg recalls long ago talking to real-estate investors about Fort Point’s potential, which he saw not only in the buildings’ aesthetics but in the proximity to the convention center.

“I said to them, do you realize what you’re sitting on here? You’re sitting on the Meatpacking District,” he says, referencing the once-dilapidated, now-trendy New York neighborhood.

The latest addition to the dynamic neighborhood is the largest dining spot in the area. Bastille Kitchen, set to open in early April, is a 240-seat French bistro with a menu from chef Adam Kube that aims for rich flavors.

“It’s about taking the time to develop every flavor at every step of the cooking process. It’ll take eight hours to make the onion soup,” says Kube, who was previously the executive sous-chef at the Ritz-Carlton in Boston. “The food is going to be French bistro with a modern twist. We’re focusing on great portions and great flavor.”

Roasted bone marrow with sherry maple-glazed sweetbreads will maintain that mantra, as will a seafood sausage composed of cod, shrimp, lobster and herbs that makes an appearance in a couple of dishes. Kube plans to use the nearby Tea Party museum as an inspiration for some items, including tea-smoked mussels and an Earl Grey crème caramel. He’ll also use tea in the brine for the roast lamb shank, which will come with eggplant pavé, herb grits and a pressed tomato.

The restaurant has two levels, with the downstairs—decked out in dark leather, tartan, paisley and velvet—able to accommodate 90 for private dining or turn into a chic lounge spot later in the evening. The upstairs will have a bar and lounge seating, as well as a communal table and three “power booths” for bigwigs who want a private space. The real eye-catcher amid the two-tops and four-tops in the dining area will be the single banquette that runs along the side windows from the front of the building to the back. Greenberg boasts, “It might be the biggest banquette in the city.”

The bigger the seats, the more room for the Fort Point crowd, which seems to grow nightly.

“The more that goes here, the stronger it becomes,” he says. “The idea of having Row 34, having Ming [Tsai] across the street. These are really good, strong places that help breed a community.”


Bastille Kitchen | 49 Melcher St., Boston | 617-556-8000 |

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