Tigers Love Pepper, They Hate Cinnamon


Price: $10

Ingredients: Maestro Dobel Diamond tequila, Sorel liqueur, apple cider, honey, cinnamon, cayenne pepper

Inventor: Jarek Mountain, Back Bay Harry’s bar manager

Secret: Ice is only added after mixing, so the honey can blend cleanly with the liquor.

Taste: “I wanted a spicy fall cocktail,” says Mountain, although it would be more apt to call it a winter warmer. Despite its clear color, the Maestro Dobel Diamond is a reposado, and its smokiness grounds the honey and cider. (“Most people go straight for the silver tequila,” says Mountain, so he considers this a “gateway reposado.”) Sorel, a mellow, hibiscus-flavored liqueur from Brooklyn, adds notes of clove and ginger, while the heat from the spices kicks in at the back.

Depth: Teeming with nuance, this drink makes an El Diablo margarita taste as complex as a vodka soda.

Pair it with: Fried chicken with barbecue sauce would play well with the drink’s sweet layers.

The name: It’s a line from the first Hangover movie, delivered by Zach Galifianakis while he’s seasoning a roofied steak. All of Back Bay Harry’s cocktails reference movies and television. Game of Thrones fans will appreciate The King of the North, a mix of Contratto Rosso vermouth, Lillet Rouge and slow-cooked, pecan-infused buttered rye whiskey. It’s served with a big ice ball, representing the Wall.

Back Bay Harry’s | 142 Berkeley St., Boston | 617-424-6711 | backbayharrys.com

Back Bay Harry's

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