Price: $14

Ingredients: Short Path Winter Gin, manzanilla, smoked pineapple shrub, lemon, soda

Background: When he couldn’t satisfy his coffee habit on a trip to Rio de Janeiro, Fool’s Errand beverage and hospitality director Daniel Motsinger fell in love with fresh-pressed pineapple juice. Back in a cooler climate, without local citrus, he likes to tap tropical fruit: “In the depths of winter, when it’s freezing and you never know when it’s going to go away, you get tired of big, heavy, rich drinks all the time.” After 30 minutes in the smoker at sibling spot Sweet Cheeks, the pineapple’s dressed in sugar, lemon and Champagne vinegar. Motsigner often steers vodka drinkers toward this recent menu addition, because of the evergreen and rosemary notes in the Everett-made gin. As for the name, Rachel Wall was a Beacon Hill maid-turned-pirate, who was the last woman to be hanged in Massachusetts in 1789.

Va-va-vermouth: “When we opened, the intent was to be a wine bar with a cocktail or two,” Motsinger—who first worked with Tiffani Faison more than a decade ago at Pigalle—says of the thoughtful vermouth selection. “It’s just something we all love and know the world will love if they’re given a place to enjoy it.” Guests can sample those featured in each cocktail—marmalade-y Antica de Torino for the Negroni, the dark cherry-scented Montanaro Rosso for the Manhattan—neat, on the rocks or with a splash of soda. Go for the bittersweet aperitif used in the mojito-like Corset: Mattei Cap Corse Blanc. “That’s the one that I keep in my fridge at home,” says Motsinger, who adds a twist of lime to the fortified vermentino grape juice infused with Corsican vegetation.

Spring is coming: Come higher temps, about a dozen guests at the Fenway standing-room-only snack bar can spill out onto the patio, where a table will be waiting with an ice-filled well stocked with rosé and bubbly.


Fool’s Errand 1377 Boylston St., Boston

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