Chef and restaurateur Jerome Picca is planting the seeds for conscientious dining with his latest venture, Mighty Love Food, which is set to open in downtown Boston. Picca is putting his own spin on soul food with a mostly vegetarian menu at his fast-casual eatery that’s named for the Spinners’ 1974 hit single “Mighty Love.”

“The single biggest influence for this concept was health and nutrition—that’s the driving force,” Picca says. “Along with what we can source as locally as possible, what we can get organic and what’s in season—that’s all important.”

Available weekdays for breakfast and lunch, the menu includes smoothies blended with ingredients like organic bee pollen, Irish moss gel, matcha, honey, spinach, avocado and coconut milk, as well as “phat toasts, ” including Energy’s thick-cut whole-grain bread topped with sheep’s milk yogurt, crushed sweet potato and fig jam. Mighty Love Meals can be served as a bowl or sandwich, with options like the Keep It Comin’ Love, combining green lentil, bulgur wheat, baby spinach, shallots, curried tofu, wild mushrooms, microgreens and verjus vinaigrette. Other bowls and sandwiches can be customized with ingredients like squash ribbons, vegan mozzarella, curried tofu and dressings, while proteins likes Cajun-spiced shrimp and rosemary pulled chicken are also available. Three housemade cold beverages—a virgin sangria, a punch and a lemongrass gingerade—will be offered along with three types of chai and fair-trade coffee.

Chef Jerome Picca is set to dish out vegetarian fare at his new Financial District spot.

Picca tapped his wife, Stephanie Rossi, a principal at Spazio Rosso Interior Design, to create the vibrant 20-seat interior. With a glowing neon sign and walls covered in magenta and black geometric patterns, Picca hopes patrons will be as energized by the restaurant’s design as its efforts to educate guests on the food they are consuming through monthly nutrition classes and a mission that 75 percent of everything they use be compostable.

“We certainly care about what guests are eating, but also that they understand what they’re eating,” Picca says. “I have no problem with anybody coming in because it looks like a cool space and they just want to get something to eat, but I would really love it if they walked away from here with an understanding of what went into that meal.”


Mighty Love Food 155 Milk St., Boston (857-239-9791)

Update: Might Love Food opened on Sept. 4. 

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