Brad Marchand's Favorite Thing

The Bruins left winger fine tunes his craft on the road


One instrumental part of the veteran winger’s year to date—picking up the guitar. With a lot of down time on the road, Marchand was looking for something to do besides scroll through his phone. “I figured I could try to be productive and I always wanted to learn to play.” Thanks to a few tips from his brother-in-law and the help of the internet, he’s working on songs like Oasis’ “Wonderwall” and Keith Urban’s “Stupid Boy”—on occasion to the chagrin of his teammates. “I’ve gotten a couple of texts to quiet down during pregame naps,” Marchand admits. His family has caught a couple of performances, though he’s still working up to playing in front of a larger audience. One day, he says, “It’d be nice to play around a campfire.”

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