Zdeno Chara's Favorite Thing

The Bruins defenseman's hobby takes him through the French Alps


The blue-liner never tires of cycling, a hobby sparked by tagging along with his father, who worked as a physiotherapist at a school for Slovakian athletes. “We used to go to races and drive behind the peloton and supply them with snacks and water bottles with other trainers,” he says. “By the end of that season, the guys built me a bike as a thank you.” And that was it. “I got so sucked in and got to know some of the professionals.” Today, Chara owns six bikes—including this one that he famously rolled up to the 2011 Stanley Cup parade on—and has pedaled all 6 feet, 9 inches of himself up the Italian Dolomites, the French Pyrenees and the Alps.

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