Their Favorite Things

How do the Bruins stars relax? Puppies, guitars, bikes and more!


One instrumental part of the veteran winger’s year to date—picking up the guitar. With a lot of down time on the road, Marchand was looking for something to do besides scroll through his phone. “I figured I could try to be productive and I always wanted to learn to play.” Read more >>



The blue-liner never tires of cycling, a hobby sparked by tagging along with his father, who worked as a physiotherapist at a school for Slovakian athletes. “We used to go to races and drive behind the peloton and supply them with snacks and water bottles with other trainers,” he says. Read more >>



After suffering an ankle injury in the 2018 playoffs, the defenseman decided to pick up a new sport: fishing. He accepted invitations from his neighbors to go out in Boston Harbor a few times, and once reeled in a 44-inch striped bass. Read more >>



The alternate captain’s got a few more jerseys than his own spoked sweaters. The Czech native admits to being a huge soccer fan—and not just every four years like the rest of us—collecting kits from Paris Saint-Germain, Belfast United, Barcelona and—of course—the New England Revolution, though he did have to recently swap out his Real Madrid one. Read more >>



The center’s pet project, Athletes for Animals, goes back to his college days spent volunteering at shelters. “We thought it was a good way to interact with animals without acquiring one, because we didn’t have a stable income or environment.” Read more >>


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