After running as a series of pop-ups for three years, Trillfit is putting down roots in Mission Hill, with an Insta-worthy studio space set to open in September. The hip-hop fitness concept was born out of founder Heather C. White’s own need for a good workout that was also a good time. “I thought: ‘OK, why am I not seeing people who look like me in these classes, and why am I not going more frequently?’ ” White recalls. “Then I thought: ‘I can create something that me and my friends would like to do.’ ”

The studio will have 13 instructors and offer five different classes that target specific muscle groups and workout methods, such as Trillfit’s signature cardio dance—a sweat-inducing blend of HIIT circuits and Beyoncé-inspired choreography—and the Fight the Power boxing boot camp, which incorporates punch sequences into a 10-round program and also donates proceeds to organizations that empower women of color. Every class is meant for fitness lovers to twerk their troubles away without judgment. “You’re really letting go of whatever happened that day,” White says. “You can expect to have fun and leave with a smile on your face.”

HOMEWARD BOUND: Trillfit is slated to open its Mission Hill studio in September. 

Trillfit founder Heather C. White. Photo: Holly Rike

Since music is the pulse of the Trillfit experience, each class will feature a playlist compiled by resident mix master Nick Bishop or an in-studio DJ spinning live tracks. Trillfit has strict criteria for what music makes it into its classes: According to White, a song has to be new, amazing and a hit at the club. The studio’s opening list includes beats from the likes of Cardi B, Migos and Travis Scott. “Everything we do is hip-hop,” White says. “We look for bangers, because when people come to class we want them to feel like they’re in the club and like they’re having the best time.”

With neon accents, a garden wall and work from female artists of color such as Sophia Chang on display, the 2,200-square-foot interior is designed to be Instagrammable. The space will also feature amenities such as a juice bar and the Vanity Loft—a full-service hair salon helmed by Pedro Aguirre—that will make it easy for patrons to squeeze a workout into their busy schedules. “We want to give this full-360 experience,” White says. “If you make the time to come through and come to the class, we want to make sure that nothing is going to stop you.”

Even though Trillfit’s interior space is thoughtfully designed, it’s what’s outside the studio’s doors that matters most to the team. “We stand for bringing inclusion and diversity into the fitness space, and Mission Hill literally unites four different communities around Boston,” White says. “Historically, this has been a very underserved community in terms of health and wellness and fitness, so it was also really important for us to bring access to the residents here. We’re really excited to see the changes that are happening in this community.”


Trillfit 1484 Tremont St., Boston

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