A Chocolate Twist

Viale offers a sweet start to the day with chocolate fettuccine bathed in peanut butter cream


Pasta might soon become an anytime-of-day dish. You can now get a sweet start to the day at Viale, where a new pasta-filled brunch menu includes a chocolate fettuccine ($12) that’s bathed in a peanut butter cream and topped with chocolate chips, coconut flakes and brown-buttered puffed rice for a bit of crunch. “The dish is kind of like a candy bar in flavor,” explains executive chef and co-owner Greg Reeves, who says he took a cue from other sugary breakfast faves like pancakes, French toast and waffles. “We like the idea of pasta for breakfast. It has a lot of the same elements of a basic egg breakfast but is executed in a different way.”


502 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge

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