A Mother’s Love


Price: $11

Ingredients: Apple-infused tequila, cinnamon rum, grapefruit, vanilla syrup and egg white

Flavor profile: Not your typical citrusy tequila drink, as seasonal notes are the star here. “The roasted apple mellows out some of the peppery bite of the tequila and works well with the more floral notes,” says River Bar bar manager Lauren Vigdor.

Origins: Bartender Brendan Hassell conceived of the drink as a play on the Conquistador, a new classic that likewise features the unlikely pairing of rum and tequila. But in a sense they’re kindred spirits. “Generally, the cocktail it’s based off of uses a reposado tequila, which is aged in barrels, so it’s already got some of those warm vanilla flavors in the spirit itself, flavors you tend to find in rums,” Vigdor says. “I like drinks that play with different base spirits.”

Process: Vigdor and company toss apples in cinnamon sugar and roast them until caramelized before plopping them in silver tequila for a couple of days. Infusions are also happening elsewhere on the menu, like in fall cocktail Three Snake-Leaves ($11), which pairs fig- and cedar-infused gin with lemon, honey and a balsamic reduction.

Drink it: As an aperitif, Vigdor suggests. “Despite the cinnamon and texture of an egg white drink, it’s not super sweet,” she says. As for what to drink after dinner, newcomer My Cherie Amour ($11) is another not-too-sweet option. The take on a julep features muddled mint, sherry, raspberry, lime and a dusting of powdered sugar.

River Bar 661 Assembly Row, Somerville (617-616-5561) river-bar.com

River Bar

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