Price: $12

Ingredients: Bacardi Carta Blanca, guava paste, mascarpone, lime, mint

Background: Blossom Bar’s Will Isaza translated a piece of his Colombian childhood—eating sweet and salty bites before and after holiday meals—into this “super refreshing” take on a daiquiri that has a dash of dairy. “You get a lot of texture from the mascarpone, similar to what you get from an egg white, but not as rich or heavy,” says Isaza, who churned over different styles, including Philadelphia Cream Cheese, before landing on this one from Vermont Creamery that’s sourced from neighbor Curds & Co.

Rum runners: Nearly a decade after opening cocktail haven Baldwin Bar in Woburn’s Sichuan Garden II, Ran Duan revamped his retiring father’s 20-year-old Brookline Village spot with a midcentury vibe, a streamlined, spice-filled food menu and a tropical bar program that’s heavy on rum, but also features cachaça and pisco. “Ran and I grew up in different parts of the world, but we somehow ended up drinking and eating very similar things,” Isaza says. “It’s a little bit confusing—I’m not gonna lie—for people to walk in and to be like, ‘I’m having Sichuan-style Chinese food and South American drinks. What’s going on here?’ But once you have it, it makes sense.”

Second Round: Isaza’s stoked to be offering the anise-flavored spirit aguardientes, which you’ll find in the Angie Valencia ($13)—named for the Colombian beauty queen turned suspected drug smuggler—with Aperol, papaya, lemon and kaffir lime.

Blossom Bar 295 Washington St., Brookline (617-734-1870)

Blossom Bar

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