Dinner tables can be the scene of heated family debates. But the fiercest of them all revolves around canned cranberry sauce. We asked local heavyweights: Do you love it or hate it?

“It’s the devil. A devil I’m ashamed to enjoy. But only once a year. Any more than that and I’d question my own taste.” – Country 102.5 host Jackson Blue

“Our family always does canned cranberry sauce—jellied, not whole berries!” – Boston city councilor Andrea Campbell

“I haven’t met a cranberry sauce I didn’t like. But if it’s between canned and my wife’s homemade version, well, that’s not really a choice. Juli makes some of the best cranberry sauce on the planet.” – NBC10 Boston anchor Phil Lipof

“Flying in the face of our family’s efforts to go fresh and organic, and carefully source our food away from things that come in boxes and cans, I cannot betray my lust of slicing through one of those corrugated-can imprints on a jiggling cylinder of cranberry sauce and flipping a slippery maroon puck of the stuff onto my Thanksgiving plate. I like real cranberry sauce, too, but the jellied version takes me back to feeling like a 7-year-old. And we all know that’s my preferred psychological location.” – NESN Bruins announcer Jack Edwards

“It’s a source of dispute in my family. We are split down the middle, but I can’t understand why. Screw tradition—canned cranberry sauce is the equivalent of eating Spam. My sister makes the most delicious orange cranberry relish from scratch because it’s the 21st century, people. Two thumbs up for fresh food.” – Alt 92.9 host Amy Brooks

“I hate canned cranberry sauce. It reminds me of all the worst things about Jell-O. For Thanksgiving, my wife, Emiley, makes a delicious bourbon-infused cranberry sauce.” – Boston Pops conductor Keith Lockhart

“I’m a big cranberry sauce guy and I don’t mind the canned cranberry sauce. But nothing beats my mom’s homemade sauce—it’s always one of my favorite parts of Thanksgiving dinner.” – New England Revolution defender Andrew Farrell

“We’re a homemade cranberry sauce family. When I was a kid, I painstakingly copied out my Grandma Lillie’s recipe as she prepared it. I still have my copy, and it’s just as delicious as I remember. My spelling has improved somewhat since then.”  – Boston Ballet executive director Max Hodges

“I’m a huge canned cranberry fan. It has to be cut in slices, and you have to be able to see the swirl design from the lid, otherwise it’s not as delicious. I also make my own cranberry sauce—it is New England, after all—but the canned is my favorite.”– Playwright Melinda Lopez

“I may make some enemies on this one, but I’m standing behind my taste buds. No matter if the cranberry sauce is canned or homemade, I’m always going to take a pass. Thanksgiving dinner is all about the savory for me. Pile on the mashed potatoes, and save the sweets for dessert time.” – Jewelry designer April Soderstrom

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