Contour Pinot Noir is here, and it is the perfect red wine for fall


Contour Pinot Noir is built upon a shared passion for crafting superior wines at a price we can all appreciate.

Contour represents a unification of three of California’s most outstanding growing regions: Mendocino, Monterey and San Luis Obispo.

The brand was developed as a reaction to the current pinot noir landscape – one that is rampant with blends (California allows for 25% of a wine to be comprised of un-listed grapes) sourced from the entirety of California, and that did not exhibit a strong quality to price ratio.

Contour is proudly 100% pinot noir, sourced from specific and keystone pinot noir regions and offers tremendous value.

The wine exudes both power and grace with round flavors of blueberry, plum and a touch of deft spice. Available at bars, restaurants and fine wine retailers throughout Greater Boston, Contour Pinot Noir is the perfect red wine to enjoy on these crisp fall New England evenings.

An Exemplary California Pinot Noir

If there’s one thing that California knows as well as any other wine region in the world, it’s pinot noir.

The carefully selected range of vineyards stretch along the Pacific coastline, defined by picturesque terraces and uniquely characterized by rolling hillsides with definitive contours, inspiring our wine’s name.

Where to Enjoy Contour Pinot Noir

W Hotel
Five Horses
Urban Grape
Bauer Wines
Wine Riot
Golden Goose
Wild Duck
Roche Brothers

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