Kombucha Collins


Price: $13.50

Ingredients: Letherbee gin, rhubarb, lemon, turmeric-ginger kombucha

For the drinker: Who’s a trendsetter. “It’s one of those drinks where one person will order it, and the others will make fun of them—and then the second round is three Kombucha Collins,” says Beat Brasserie beverage manager Nate Hayden, who suggests it as a daytime cocktail or a first order at an early evening meal.

Flavor profile: “It’s a nice combination that I think catches people off guard,” Hayden says. A rhubarb-based herbal liqueur adds some complexity to the otherwise light sip, built around a “pretty mellow” gin. More of a spirit-forward kind of person? “It does still have that depth to it, but it’s not going to knock you off your feet.” As for the kombucha, don’t let the Gwyneth go-to scare you off. “The first time I had kombucha, I decided I was never going to have it again,” Hayden admits. Here, however, “It’s interesting to get tartness from a different angle.”

Drink to your health: Recalling the slight vinegar bite of pre-Prohibition shrubs, the kombucha comes from Vermont-based company Aqua ViTea and stars turmeric, hailed in recent headlines as a cure-all spice and seen popping up in everything from lattes to face masks. “It’s sort of bitter and pungent, which aren’t the most appealing words,” Hayden says, “but they’re words we use in cocktails all the time.”

Pair it with: The Life Bowl ($14.50), grains packed with beets, carrots, asparagus and other veggies, all drizzled with a soy-ginger vinaigrette.

The next round: For another refreshing option, try the Something Natural ($12), made with cilantro and cucumber mint vodka.

Beat Brasserie 13 Brattle St., Cambridge (617-499-0001) beatbrasserie.com

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