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What’s with the name? “I don’t think I can have that in print,” says bar manager Michael Ray, adding that you’ll have to pay him a visit to hear the story—which you should. Summertime tipplers may have come to the Envoy Hotel’s Lookout rooftop bar for the view, but you’ll stay downstairs at Outlook for the cocktails.

Ingredients: Privateer amber rum, Pimm’s No.1, orange marmalade serum, lime juice, mole bitters

It’ll cost you: $12

Try it if you like: “A vodka cocktail that’s on the sweeter side,” Ray says. “It definitely works well toward the end of your night.”

Taste: Not as sweet as you’d think. The chocolate bitters tone it down, and the marmalade adds brightness. “When I first tasted this drink—I grew up in England—it reminded me of during the holidays when you would get a chocolate-covered orange,” Ray explains. There’s a nod to his English heritage with the Pimm’s, which adds subtle fruit notes.

Pair it with: Something savory, like the smoked bacon flatbread ($12), topped with figs, caramelized onion and Valdeon cheese.

The finishing touch: A candied orange rind dipped in chocolate—dunk it in the cocktail before eating. The garnish was created with the help of pastry chef Kim Darisse, who’s collaborated with the bar staff on other concoctions, including one featuring julienned peach smoked in a mason jar. Says Ray, “I’m always trying to steal her mind.”

Outlook Kitchen and Bar at the Envoy Hotel 70 Sleeper St., Boston (617-338-3030)

Outlook Kitchen and Bar

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