Age is just a number according to Relativity Whiskey“Whiskey is a category of spirit that is constrained by tradition,” spokesman Sam Karachi says. “Aging is very important, but it’s also not necessarily the end-all, be-all.” The product made its debut on Cambridge shelves in December after a year of work with Cincinnati’s Brain Brew lab on proprietary technology that can mimic the changing of the seasons through temperature and pressure. Karachi explains that in a barrel, “You’re trying to put the whiskey into the wood. The process we’re using is putting the wood into the whiskey.” In a matter of 40 minutes, traditionally aged whiskey—up to one-year-old—can transform into a few bottles’ worth of a comparable 18-year-old spirit, with nutty notes of pecan pie and marzipan, some vanilla fudge and caramel butterscotch sweetness, plus a bit of black pepper and nutmeg spice. You’ll find the batch number on each Erlenmeyer flask, which you can test out at Atwood’s Tavern or pick up at the Fort Point Market ($40) and other spots throughout the city.

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