Rubber Band Man


Price: $12

Ingredients: Spiced Cana Brava rum, Pierre Ferrand cognac, Cardamaro, Benedictine

Inventor: Highball Lounge lead bartender Shaher Misif, who’s also known as a highballer—“At least that’s what it says on my business card.”

Origin: “So, Rubber Band Man: What it means is somebody who jumps around a lot,” Misif explains. Inspired by his worldly adventures, the cocktail taps rum from the islands, Cardamaro from Italy and cognac and Benedictine from France.

Taste: The cognac’s grape is met by notes of anise, cloves, cinnamon and nutmeg from the house-spiced rum. Benedictine adds a sweetness that’s finished with a smoky citrus flavor from a pyrotechnic trick with an orange peel.

Secret Power: The ability to turn an avid bourbon drinker into a rum advocate. “I think everybody’s an everything person,” Misif says. “If you drink any spirit in the right manner, anybody can enjoy it. It just has to be presented right.”

Bonus Points: For the toothpick-speared Luxardo cherries, which allow for much classier removal.

Pair it with: Something citrusy, like the Brussels sprouts ($6). The vegetable-averse can opt for Korean fried chicken nuggets ($9). “Some of the sauces and the spices in the drink go hand-in-hand,” Misif says.

Bar Atmosphere: Good cocktails. Good fun.

As evidenced by: The #DuckieRosé, a blend of aromatized wine served with a floating rubber friend that chills the drink. Enjoy it over a game of Connect Four, Battleship or Guess Who? while a DJ spins tunes.

Highball Lounge – Nine Zero Hotel | 90 Tremont St., Boston | 617-772-0202 |

Highball Lounge

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