Spotlight on 2014 Boston’s Best: Pies in the Sky

Think pizza can’t be a delicacy? These pies are ready to change your mind. No longer just a street-food staple, Boston pizzas are certainly elevated. Each of these 2014 winners offer their own take on the Italian classic—though these are a far cry from your standard slice of pepperoni. Word to the wise: you might want to go alone. These pizzas are just too good to share.

Nebo [Best Restaurant: The Greenway]

With views both in and outside the restaurant (think high ceilings with exposed industrial fittings and the sweeping Rose Kennedy Greenway), it might be hard to close your mouth long enough to chew. That is, until you get a whiff of Nebo’s mouthwatering selection of entrees, like the Bianco pizza with marinated tomatoes, prosciutto, ricotta, mozzarella, arugula and parmigiano. Just the sound of those words are delizioso.

Pastoral [Best Restaurant: Fort Point]

In line with its super-hip neighborhood, Pastoral has pizza (gluten-free crust available) with out-of-the-box toppings. Be the first to discover foie gras, cherries, taleggio and scallion pizza, or if you’re feeling a little less adventurous, try the not-so-standard take on margherita (hand-torn mozzarella, anyone?). Here you’ll find spiritual guidance in the form of a pizza pie—it’s that heavenly.

Picco [Best Pizza]

Along with Picco’s extensive pizza menu is a pick-your-own toppings section—but why would you want to when you already have to choose between drool-worthy options like the fig, bacon and gorgonzola pizza and the Alsatian?  Forget it—get both. No matter what you decide to get on top, you can’t go wrong with Picco’s secret two-day cold fermentation process that makes for a delightfully chewy yet light crust. Sounds like you might not need any toppings at all.

Posto [Best Restaurant: Davis Square]

If you refuse to eat pizza from anyone other than a certified master, look no further than Posto, which makes its dough according to the principles of Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana. That’s Italian for “Darn Good Pizza.” This Davis Square ristorante puts a spin on the classic pizza with menu stars like the Porchetta with fennel-roasted pork, fontina, asiago, red onion and oregano or the Zucca—zucchini, fontina, tomatoes, sweet corn and basil purée. Leave this one to the pros.

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