Price: $13

Ingredients: Mezcal, pickled pumpkin, habanero, oloroso and lime

Flavor: This fall addition to the cocktail lineup from Waypoint’s Mira Stella brings a bit of everything: sweetness from roasted pumpkin—pickled overnight with rosemary, juniper berries and black pepper—and a sherry with notes of caramel, smoke thanks to a full-bodied mezcal and heat from just two dashes of habanero, plus a hint of brightness from fresh lime. You may not be someone who eagerly waits to throw back pumpkin spice lattes, but give this one a try. Says beverage director Seth Freidus, “Any margarita drinker would get on board.”

Pair it with: More gourds—’tis the season. Check out the pumpkin-topped pizza ($15) with herbed mascarpone, fried sage and smoked hazelnuts or the blue crab and pickled pumpkin salad ($18) with farro, apples and radishes.

All about absinthe: Waypoint stocks more than 20 anise-flavored spirits from the U.S., Switzerland, France and beyond. Explains Freidus: “We do a traditional set up. We drip water from taps over sugar to dilute, sweeten and louche the absinthe.” The bar also shows off the selection in a rotating seasonal cobbler; at the moment, guests can try out a concoction featuring Golden Delicious and Granny Smith apples roasted with honey and Korean chili flakes, fresh lemon juice and sherry poured over crushed ice.

Kindred spirit: Bartenders whipped up another fall-centric addition that features Tenneyson absinthe. The rum-spiked Daily Grind mixes a housemade coffee liqueur with demrara sugar, toasted spice and grapefruit.

Waypoint 1030 Mass. Ave., Cambridge (617-864-2300)


Waypoint 1030 Mass. Ave., Cambridge

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